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About Us

Sew Face Masks Philadelphia is a Philadelphia Area (including South Jersey) grassroots community organization. We provide handmade face masks to those who request it. We support individuals, essential workers, community organizations, local small businesses, as well as healthcare. We operate in a hyper-local fashion. Most masks picked up in your neighborhood, stay in your neighborhood. 

We are also committed to providing up to date safety, care, and education information related to the proper use of handmade face masks.

In order to ensure that scarce disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as surgical face masks go to higher-risk settings where they are needed most -- we can assist by providing reusable face masks for general use to those in need.   


We have built a community of volunteer sewists and are committed to supporting and empowering them with the information and tools to meet the very acute need for face masks locally. Our distribution network of volunteer drivers offers contactless

pick up of your donations within our coverage area.

Since our creation, we have also been strong advocates for the #Masks4All movement and believe that, when in the community, every individual should wear a reusable face mask to help

flatten the curve. 

Let's join together in hopes of doing something to help stop the

spread of the COVID19 pandemic.


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