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Since mid-March, our motto has been:  "We provide door-to-door pick up and delivery for every single mask, so that mask donators and recipients can stay safe at home".    (Read our retrospective of our rapid-response, daily delivery relief efforts)!

Operating a daily dispatch-based, route-optimized distribution system to safely and contactlessly facilitated the exchange of masks. The outside of each donation bag was disinfected with bleach, and safety instructions sent to each mask recipient.  We do accept financial donations, so that we can provide gas reimbursements to drivers. 

Note, effective June 5 2020, as travel restrictions are eased, and also as our drivers return to their normal lives, jobs, and families -- we will be transitioning to a more passive system.  For individuals, rather than request delivery, masks will be periodically distributed at pop-up mask distribution locations targeting higher-risk areas set up by either SFMP volunteers, or our partner municipal agencies or community organizations, who already do the work in the communities they serve.  Organizations may continue to request masks, and may be asked to offset shipping costs.


We will be looking to set up local drop-off locations such as local fire stations, ambulances, health dept, or other staffed locations with set operating hours for mask donations.  Depending on your location and an acute need nearby, we may also begin to specify delivery instructions to organizations directly.  Weekly or semi-weekly, we will also plan to still offer pickups in each region, and are actively recruiting new drivers for this effort.   

If you live outside of our pickup zone, or if the above options do not work, but would like to donate masks, please contact us for our mailing address. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a part of our distribution team, please fill out the volunteer form.

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