Request Masks

For individuals

While our region remains in a safer-at-home phase, and travel restrictions for the general public are lifted, masks continue to be available in select local stores, and most of our original volunteer drivers have returned to work --  we no longer offer frequent door-to-door delivery for individuals, and will transition to a more sustainable model. 


If you are unable to find quality masks locally, or lack the resources to purchase these -- please, submit the same form below, and we will suggest the closest pick-up location or pop-up distribution event.      If a hardship prevents you from traveling to pick up a mask in person -- please note this on the form

, and we will do our best to mail or drop them off to you.  Thank you!

Although masks are provided at no cost to recipients, we welcome financial donations from those in a position to contribute.  Financial donations will allow us to better support our sewists and our transportation and operating expenses, and will enable us to provide more masks to others in the future.  Thank you!

For my organization (< 50 masks per request)

We primarily serve non profit, health care, educational facilities, essential workers, city employees, volunteer groups, faith and community based organizations.  Requests for smaller quantities are generally able to be fulfilled more quickly than others.   Since variation in business hours and security protocols can make delivery challenging, and we do not leave masks unattended, we have a preference for in-person pick up of masks.   As you distribute masks to those you serve, we are pleased to offer the following suggested distribution and safety and care instructions, in English and En Español.

Other mask options:

We realize many needs are acute; temporary no-sew options are possible, while we do our best to fill your request.   In addition, if you have the financial means to do so, wee also encourage the support of local sewists who support SFMP!  Please find links to their Etsy stores here: Bee Balm Workshop, Philly High FiberHey Hani Studio , and MLNW.   (If you donate to us and also have an etsy store, please contact us and we would love to list it here, as well!).   Obtaining masks from these sources, also allows a greater supply of face masks to be available to those more in need and with fewer resources. 

For my organization (50+ masks) 

Due to high demand and capacity limitations in what we are able to fulfill via volunteers, we are not able to directly fulfill requests for 50 masks or more at this time. We have partnered with a number of suppliers/vendors for commercially produced cloth masks, to whom we can refer - these are found below.

Cloth Face Mask Manufacturers/Suppliers/Vendors

(please contact directly)


Ee Dee Trim

Organic Climbing


Please note, for 501(c)(3) organizations, grant funding may be available.

Large Request Due Diligence Form

While we are unable to personally handle larger requests at this time, we do want to make available a needs assessment due diligence form, the completion of which could help facilitate such interaction. The form could be used by requesting entities to provide additional details to support their need, when making requests into another volunteer group or foundation -- or by the volunteer group, foundation or government entity in evaluating such larger requests.   Form is sole property of Sew Face Masks Philadelphia; use is welcome with prior permission.